A little about me

Blaze Crank is an esteemed realtor with an impressive career spanning over a decade. With an unwavering commitment to his clients, he has earned a reputation for always being available, ensuring that their needs and goals are met in the world of real estate. Blaze's dedication and passion have helped numerous individuals and families find their dream homes. 

Beyond his professional life, Blaze is an avid golfer. He finds solace and rejuvenation on the golf course, where he strives for precision and challenges himself to continually improve his game. His love for the sport has not only provided personal fulfillment but has also allowed him to foster relationships with fellow enthusiasts, including clients who share his passion for golf. 

Animals hold a special place in Blaze's heart. His deep affection for them is evident in his involvement with local animal shelters and rescue organizations. He actively supports their missions and dedicates his time to raise awareness and funds for animal welfare causes. Blaze believes in the importance of creating a compassionate community where animals are treated with care and respect. 

Family plays a central role in Blaze's life. He cherishes the bond with his loved ones, particularly his father, who is retired military. The values instilled in him by his father's service have shaped Blaze's character and work ethic. He carries a deep appreciation for the sacrifices made by military personnel and is committed to supporting veterans in any way he can. 

With his wealth of experience, relentless availability, love for golf and animals, and a strong sense of family, Blaze Crank is more than just a realtor. He is a dedicated professional, a compassionate advocate, and a loyal companion on the journey of finding the perfect home.


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